C. D. Eguia

Hi, my name is Daniel Eguia. I'm a developer and autodidact. I am currently volunteering as a Developer at Yeticraft and TAG Northwest working on various projects. I use the Fedora distro of linux as my daily driver. I enjoy many aspects of software development including requirements gathering, software design, programming, and testing. I have experience in C++, Python 3.0, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. One of the biggest things I enjoy is working with others to share knowledge and find solution.


Since 2007 I have been collecting data and creating internal tools and for the civil construction service industry, as a Senior Field Technician at Ninyo & Moore. While working full time to support a family, I went back to school to obtain a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Sci. & Computer Eng. with a concentration in Software. After volunteering at Linux Fest Northwest and being introduced to my latest mentor I began volunteering. During this time I have worked on the creation of websites, software, and hardware projects.

Recent Projects


Eurekaroom image - hand holding key

In collaboration with YetiCraft, and J. Scott for Eureka Room

  • Provides webpage and API
  • Published on pypi.org
  • Written in Python using: unitest, argparse, Flask